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By completing online registration and checkout, it is certified that “Registrant” has read and understood: the Enrollment Contract, The Skilled Trades Academies’ (henceforth, “College”) payment schedule, refund policy, complaint procedure, policy relating to the expulsion of students, and personal information release.

The Registrant hereby undertakes and agrees to pay, or see to the payment of, the fees specified in the Enrollment Contract in accordance with the terms of the enrollment contract.

Payment Schedule

Payment is due in full as determined by College upon registration and accepted enrollment. These terms will be communicated in writing by College administrator.

Refund Policy

If you do not officially withdraw at the Administration Office you will be responsible for all fees assessed. Non-attendance does not constitute an Official Withdrawal. No refund shall be issued if you exceed the mandatory 85% attendance rate or to those removed for disciplinary reasons.  All refunds exclude the non-refundable application processing fee.

Click here for full refund policy and refund schedule.

Consent to Use Personal Information

Private Career Colleges (PCCs) must be registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, which is administered by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, The Act protects students by requiring PCCs to follow specific rules on, for example, fee refunds, training completions if the PCC closes, qualifications of instructors, access to transcripts and advertising. It also requires PCCs to publish and meet certain performance standards, e.g., the percentage of graduates who obtain employment. This information may be used by other students when they are deciding where to obtain their training. The consent set out below will help the Superintendent to ensure that current and future students receive the protection provided by the Act.

By completing online registration, the Registrant allows The Skilled Trades Academies to give the Registrant’s name, address, telephone number, email address and other contact information to the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges for the purposes outlined below:

  • To advise Registrant of his/her rights under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, including the rights to a refund of fees, access to transcripts and a formal student complaint procedure.
  • To collect information on the performance of The Skilled Trades Academies, for example, the percentage of students who graduate from programs and the percentage of graduates who find employment; and
  • To determine whether The Skilled Trades Academies have met the performance objectives required by the Superintendent of its vocational programs.

The Registrant understands that he/she can refuse to agree to this consent and can withdraw this consent at any time for future uses of personal information by writing to The Skilled Trades Academies. The Registrant understands that if he/she refuses to withdraw consent the Superintendent may not be able to contact the Registrant to inform him/her of his/her rights under the Act of collect information to help potential students make informed decisions about their educational choices.

Complaint Procedure

Available upon request at College locations.

Expulsion Procedure

Available upon request at College locations.

The Skilled Trades Academies agrees to supply program to the Registrant upon terms herein mentioned. The Skilled Trades Academies may cancel this Enrollment Contract before the program begins. The Skilled Trades Academy does not guarantee employment for any student who successfully completes a vocational program.