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Niagara & Halton Skilled Trades is registered as a Career College under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

If you have questions about what each course cost covers, please refer to our Course Information page and review the course you’re interested in.

In addition to the course cost, there is an administrative application fee along with your books and TSSA exam fee to successfully participate in the course.

Yes! Since Niagara & Halton Skilled Trades Academy is a registered Career College under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005, you can use your RESP contributions towards your education.

The courses we offer are too short to be eligible for OSAP. There is other government approved funding you are eligible to apply to for your skilled trades education.

T2202a tax forms are issued for Gas Technician 3 and Gas Technician 2 courses

You can enrol in our combined G3/G2 course but you are not eligible to write a G2 exam without a G3 license. We recommend either having a G3 license or having a set date to write your G3 license prior to the end of the G2 course. With a completed G3 license, we can order your G2 exam from the TSSA. You have one year to write your TSSA exams from the last day of your course. You have three attempts to write the exam.

There is no time needed between taking your G3 and G2 courses. Between G2 and G1, there is a 2-year minimum requirement to hold a G2 license, along with proof of hours, to write the final G1 exam.

As a Gas Technician, you can work in residential, commercial or industrial industries. Some examples of industries and professions include:

  • Heating Technician
  • Appliance Installation & Service
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installation and Service
  • Plumbing Apprentice
  • Sheet Metal Worker Apprentice
  • Utility Provider

Once TSSA processes your exam results, you will be notified.

Our students have 3 attempts to write the theory exam within one year of course completion. If you’ve failed your exam, you can schedule a re-write with Niagara & Halton Skilled Trades Academy or with TSSA directly. There is an applicable re-write fee.

We would love to show you around one of our campuses. Please call us at 905-685-9393 to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable staff.

There is free first-come-first-serve parking available for students at both facilities.

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