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Student Success

We are committed to our students’ success in the Ontario skilled trades industry.

Talented Educators

Our educators are skilled, passionate industry professionals sharing knowledge and skills with future professionals.

Workforce Ready

Our students are workforce ready in as little as 17 weeks.

Career & Apprenticeship Opportunities

Your gas technician license opens the door to a number of rewarding and in-demand careers. Learn more about career and apprenticeship opportunities below.

HEATING technician


Service and repair appliances on residential or commercial sites.

appliance installation and service

appliance installation and service

Repairing, maintain and replace HVAC systems in residential or commercial sites.

Utility Providers

Utility Providers

Maintain, repair and service utility equipment.



Begin your journey towards joining the plumbing industry.

air conditioning and refrigeration

air conditioning and refrigeration

Install, service and repair air conditioning and refrigeration appliances on residential or commercial sites.

sheet metal

sheet metal

Begin your journey towards a sheet metal apprenticeship.

As a student in the G3/2 program in Niagara, I have had the privilege of learning from two exceptional teachers, John and Dusty.

John, the theory teacher, is unparalleled in his dedication to his students. He goes to great lengths to ensure that every student understands the material thoroughly. His teaching style is engaging and effective, making complex concepts easier to grasp. His commitment to our success is truly inspiring, and his efforts have had a profound impact on my learning experience.

Dustin, the practical, hands-on teacher, is equally outstanding. He approaches his work with meticulous attention to detail, always striving for the highest quality. His passion for this trade is evident in his teaching, motivating students to do their best. Under his guidance, I have learned the importance of precision and quality in my work, skills that will serve me well in my future career.

Together, John and Dustin make a formidable team. Their combined expertise and dedication create a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.

Cameron B., G3/G2 Graduate

20 years

of teaching





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