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I am a secondary teacher and have been in education for 33 years.

I was frustrated with my son graduating high school unable to find a direct calling or reason for attending University or College. I wanted the best for him I grew anxious as he started a part-time job. He seemed somewhat interested in trades and determined to not spend $80,000 on University tuition to come out and possibly not find work in the field and be burdened with enormous debt.

A year ago, he came to my husband and me with the idea of attending Halton Skilled Trade Academy and moving into the HVAC Field. I discussed the program with some of my school colleagues and was happy to find out that they had received a lot of good feedback about this school. I did my own investigating as I was not wanting my son to go into something that was not going to lead to a job. There are similar courses at other colleges in Ontario but this Trade school was specific to the work my son was wanting to do and he did not have to take other courses that were not related to the field.

Our son registered in December 2021 to begin his gas licensing at Halton Skilled Trades Academy as a part-time student. He attended both zoom and in-class classes. He was thrilled with this course. The instructors were very engaging and interesting, keeping my son very interested while he gained vast amounts of knowledge. The instructors shared many stories of his own experience and made the zoom classes relevant and engaging.

Fast forward through his second gas license with the Halton Skilled Trades Academy and he is beginning to get job offers, people are noticing the knowledge gained at the Skilled Trades academy. He is now working in the field with a reputable HVAC company, and I must say we are thrilled that he has been able to get a job doing exactly what he has wanted to pursue.

If you are considering this program for your son or daughter, I can verify 100% that it is a worthwhile endeavour. The Halton skilled trade academy was a great place to get a start in the trades.